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From the Board of Directors:
The Syrian Arab Horse Association on behalf of the family of the Syrian Arabian horse breeders, lovers and enthusiasts, is glad to present information introducing our association with its goals, ambitions and concerns. we are confident that the subject of Arabian horses is important from all sides because it is essentially related to our spiritual and cultural traditions. It's not only our responsibility, it's the responsibility of every Arabic speaking person in this beloved country. Let's unite our minds and hearts to keep the Arabian horse precious and honored in our precious and honorable country. this Arabian horse, who has carried our grandfathers to the fields of glory is still carrying our name.

The Syrian Arab Horse Association:
"God's hand is with those who stick together"
   The first establishing meeting of the Syrian Arab Horse Association has been held in Damascus on the 26th of December 2002 by the efforts of:

  •  Amir Mardini 
  •  Anouar Shehadah 
  •  Basil Jada'an 
  •  Khalid Hbobati 
  •  Sami Attar 
  •  Tareq Abd Alraheem 
  •  Abd Al Mohsein Al Noueimi 
  •  Emad Al Sha'ar 
  •  Mohammad Hamsho 
  •  Mahmoud Anzarouti 
  •  Naji Al  Shawi 
  •  Nezar Al Asa'ad 
  •  Mohammad Abdel Razak Al Tai 
  •  Mustafa Al Jaberi 
  •  Helal Al Asad 

   Who share the love of the Arabian horse, the desire to preserve it and increase the interest in it, taking their role in the ambitions of their precious homeland towards development and modernization led by the President Dr. Bashar AlAssad, hoping to achieve the goals they have put which are related to the Arabian horse culturally, historically, economically and in sports activities. promoting the interest existing in the Arabian Horse Breeding and documentation. activating it according to the international rules and standards, interacting positively with the society of Arabian horses, around the world which consists of 56 countries member in the World Arabian Horse Organization, working as an organized team according to rich short and long term plans giving the Arabian horse the place it deserves, a symbol of the nation and one of the means that carried the Arabian message to the world and as means to carry the Arabic traditions to the world, keeping the horse honored on this blessed area which is truly considered the homeland of the Arabian horse.

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